wendy versus who?

WENDY VERSUS is a Toronto-based electro-pop-rock band, formerly known as WENDY LEUNG.

You might know Dean Marino and Wendy Leung from their other band PAPERMAPS but together with Owen Norquay, they’ve also crafted a new sound into a new album, Crayon Wars, released in June 2012.

Seamlessly juxtaposing organic and machine, WENDY VERSUS lives somewhere between deep ocean and outer space. This reinvention of songwriter Leung’s music is at once powerfully heartfelt and, grounded in pop, also makes you move your feet.

There’s an energy about it all. The chatters, the shimmers, the vibrant countermelodies an excitement of bursts and wonders. Listen. This is the music that will infect your soul and light you on fire!