We’re back! New show, Dec 2nd.

Well-rested and missing the stage, we’re excited to be playing a Crosswires and Grayowl Point co-presented show on December 2nd at the Garrison, with Paradise Animals and Old English. Come see us – we’d love to have some dancing bodies in the audience!

In related news, I (Wendy) sat down with Michael from Grayowl Point recently to talk “who is Wendy Leung, and where did Wendy Versus come from, anyway?“. If you don’t know, now you know!

Cancelled set due to injury

Just a quick note that our Saturday set at Rancho Relaxo has been cancelled due to an injury of one of our band members. Once we’re rested and reset, we’ll be back!

Upcoming show & a CBC One interview

Our first fall show is an exciting one – we’ll be playing with Royal Canoe, Savoir Adore and Santah at Rancho Relaxo on October 13th. We first caught Royal Canoe at CMF earlier this year and were blown away. Also, we’ve never seen a setup with so many keyboards tear down so quickly! This show’s on a Saturday, so there’s no excuse for missing it!

In August, Meg from CBC One’s Bandwidth caught us right after our direct drive from Halifax to Ottawa and we did an interview after being awake for all too many hours. It was aired this weekend, but if you missed it you can stream it here!

Happy August 31st!

It’s been an eventful August for us, so in celebration of the date and the end of the month, our song August 31st is available as a free download today. Woo!

PhotogMusic caught some of our Ottawa set, and we played a hometown show last week to help fundraise for Harvest Noon Cafe, where Mechanical Forest Sound captured one of the songs in our set.

Onwards and upwards!

Wendy Versus roadtrip! August touring…

Ok, so it looks like we took an extended summer siesta between NXNE and now but really we’ve been busy nailing down details for our August mini-tour with sister band Papermaps! We’ll be joining Papermaps this Monday to round off their month-long residency at the Drake Underground, and then we’re off to visit Montreal, Halifax and Ottawa later this month. Catch us if you can!

Mon. August 6 – Drake Underground, Toronto, with Toki Oto and Papermaps
Sun. August 12 – Le Cagibi, Montréal, with Dirty Boots
Thu. August 16 – Gus’ Pub & Grill, Halifax, with Poplar Street and Papermaps
Fri. August 17 – Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa, with Papermaps

Oh also, Crayon Wars is now up on iTunes, if you prefer digital over vinyl.

Happy NXNE! Stay in touch!

Dean, Owen and I have a really busy week ahead of us: for NXNE we’re not only playing a Wendy Versus show, but Papermaps has 3 shows and Soi Disant has one too! Come join us for the NXNE madness:

Wendy Versus
Thursday @ Cameron House, 1am

Thursday @ Rancho Relaxo, 11pm
Friday @ The Football Factory, 9pm (closed event)
Sunday @ Of A Kind in-store performance, 7pm

Soi Disant
Sunday @ Rancho Relaxo, 2am party-closer!

Oh, and in case you don’t already, follow us on Facebook and twitter! We love staying in touch :)

See you out there!

Crayon Wars out now! Also, catch us at NXNE!

Thanks to everyone braved the rain on Friday to attend our album release party. We had an amazing time!! Oh, and those drawings you did? We kept ‘em and will be posting some soon.

Crayon Wars is now available worldwide from Bandcamp. We’ll ship you our vinyl even if you live in Iceland (we love Iceland!), but you can also easily preview the tracks and buy the digital downloads too.

If you live in Toronto you’ll know that NXNE music festival is just around the corner. We’ll be playing at The Cameron House on June 14th at 1am. If you’re already out it’s not really that late, so you should come say hi!

3, 2, 1…launch!

This is it! In two days we’ll finally be releasing our album, Crayon Wars at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto! Woo! For those of you not in the city, both digital and vinyl will also be available online via Bandcamp.

But also, to cap off our residency as band of the month, The Indie Machine is streaming our entire album for the rest of the week. And they’ve also taken the time to write an amazingly detailed review too!

Speaking of reviews, we love it when people are pleasantly surprised. A couple weeks ago Grayowl Point posted a review that summarizes our music in a great way: “Underneath the synths, drum machines and guitars, Wendy Versus has a big, vulnerable heart. And it’s impossible to not appreciate that.”

And thanks to WildWorks on CKCU FM for spinning Control on this morning’s program. We’ll be seeing you soon, Ottawa!

If you think we’re done, we’re just getting started. Stick around – there’s very exciting news around the corner…

Wendy Versus Party, with friends!

There’s a couple days left for vinyl pre-orders so especially if you’re not in Toronto, here’s your chance to have a Wendy Versus party in your living room at the same time as we have ours at Sneaky Dee’s on June 1!

Speaking of release party, it’s our goal to make you dance all night so we asked a few friends to help us make this happen:

Patrick Grant is a friend who’s friends with our friends. That is to say we haven’t met him or his new band yet but we know we’ll get along when we do. According to him they are a “danceable light psychedelic combo”. If it’s a dancey and features this great voice, you won’t want to arrive much past 9 to make sure you catch their set.

Lovely Killbots are dear, dear friends of ours. Never mind the fact that Lauralee and Ryan are great or that I’m a sucker for dark synth/drum combos (and robots for that matter), if you haven’t heard Once Smitten for yourself you really should check it out. We haven’t played with them since way back in 2009 so we’re excited to finally be able to share the stage again.

And if you think the party ends after our set you’d be very, very wrong. Midnight is prime time for DJ/producer Mix Chopin and we fully intend to stay on the dance floor with him (and you) until after last call. Mix is also a great friend of ours and we’re happy that his internationally-traveled self is closing out our night.

Bottom line? There’s no better way to ring in your June than to come party with us. Did I mention two of the three of us will be celebrating birthdays that week too? It’ll be big.

Pre-order the vinyl! Plus, we made a mixtape for iM…

Only half a month to go until we release our album! Can’t wait? Neither can we really, so we’ve set up pre-ordering for the Crayon Wars vinyl. If you order between now and May 23rd you’ll get an immediate digital download and you’ll also have the physical copy in your hands before anyone else does!

In other fun, as The Indie Machine’s band of the month we curated a 7-day mixtape this week that features a few of our favourite electro influences. Take a listen and read about why we decided to put Britney alongside Kraftwerk…