3, 2, 1…launch!

This is it! In two days we’ll finally be releasing our album, Crayon Wars at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto! Woo! For those of you not in the city, both digital and vinyl will also be available online via Bandcamp.

But also, to cap off our residency as band of the month, The Indie Machine is streaming our entire album for the rest of the week. And they’ve also taken the time to write an amazingly detailed review too!

Speaking of reviews, we love it when people are pleasantly surprised. A couple weeks ago Grayowl Point posted a review that summarizes our music in a great way: “Underneath the synths, drum machines and guitars, Wendy Versus has a big, vulnerable heart. And it’s impossible to not appreciate that.”

And thanks to WildWorks on CKCU FM for spinning Control on this morning’s program. We’ll be seeing you soon, Ottawa!

If you think we’re done, we’re just getting started. Stick around – there’s very exciting news around the corner…