Wendy Versus Party, with friends!

There’s a couple days left for vinyl pre-orders so especially if you’re not in Toronto, here’s your chance to have a Wendy Versus party in your living room at the same time as we have ours at Sneaky Dee’s on June 1!

Speaking of release party, it’s our goal to make you dance all night so we asked a few friends to help us make this happen:

Patrick Grant is a friend who’s friends with our friends. That is to say we haven’t met him or his new band yet but we know we’ll get along when we do. According to him they are a “danceable light psychedelic combo”. If it’s a dancey and features this great voice, you won’t want to arrive much past 9 to make sure you catch their set.

Lovely Killbots are dear, dear friends of ours. Never mind the fact that Lauralee and Ryan are great or that I’m a sucker for dark synth/drum combos (and robots for that matter), if you haven’t heard Once Smitten for yourself you really should check it out. We haven’t played with them since way back in 2009 so we’re excited to finally be able to share the stage again.

And if you think the party ends after our set you’d be very, very wrong. Midnight is prime time for DJ/producer Mix Chopin and we fully intend to stay on the dance floor with him (and you) until after last call. Mix is also a great friend of ours and we’re happy that his internationally-traveled self is closing out our night.

Bottom line? There’s no better way to ring in your June than to come party with us. Did I mention two of the three of us will be celebrating birthdays that week too? It’ll be big.